• News! Hair Boto-x Treatment with UV Protection COCOCHOCO

     Hair Boto-x is not a treatment that will change your hair type. For example, curly hair won’t become straight. But the treatment will enhance your natural hair, because it fills in the gaps in the hair strands..

  • How To Apply Keratin

    The application of keratin is very simple and you can handle the comfort of your home. For a perfect result, you need to follow the step-by-step procedure...
  • Choose Your Treatment

    COCOCHOCO Premium Brazilian Keratin hair treatment is an advanced and revolutionary process that transforms frizzy, colored, permed or bleached hair into straight, smooth and shiny hair in one treatment.
  • What is Keratin

    Brazilian Keratin CocoChoco
    Keratin is a building protein of skin derivatives that accounts for 88% of the hair structure and is responsible for their quality, growth, strength, softness, gloss and overall appearance.

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