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Orasey All-in-one Detox KIT Keratin Diamond Treatment 150ml & Clarifying shampoo 150ml
Orasey All-in-one Detox KIT Keratin Diamond Treatment 150ml & Clarifying shampoo 150ml

Orasey All-in-one Detox KIT Keratin Diamond Treatment 150ml & Clarifying shampoo 150ml

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Keratin diamond treatment Orasey (Step 2) is special advanced technology created by combining keratin and natural diamond powder. The main component - keratin (the primary protein of skin, hair and nails)

Death sea minerals and vitamins A, C, E. penetrate the hair structure and deeply regenerate it. 

The treatment helps the hair return to its original healthy, smooth state and leave it straight without changing texture. 

Keratin diamond treatment Orasey is suitable for all hair types, including chemically treated. Results are visible immediately after the treatment for 3 months


Orasey hair cosmetic is 100 % free from sodium, silicone, paraben, sulfate, GMO, preservative, phosphate

All- in- one treatment for detox and hair straightening

  • Restores damaged hair 
  • Straighten your hair for 2-3 months
  • Treats split ends and tames frizz
  • Gives the hair brilliant, shiny and glossy look
  • Protects from heat, salt water, frost and rain

    01. Orasey Clarifying shampoo 150 ml

    Prepare your hair for Orasey Keratin treatment. Clarifying shampoo (step 1) otherwise known as hair detox. Thanks to active ingredients contained in clarifying shampoo- it removes all impurities, grease, sediments from conditioners, hair treatments and styling products. 

    It also helps remove mineral sediments from hard water and chlorine.

    For optimal results we have enriched our Orasey clarifying shampoo with Advanced Timed PH Elevating technology, which allows to open the hair follicles during the application of Orasey Keratin Diamond treatment (step 2)

    02. Orasey Keratin DIAMOND 150 ml

    How to apply:

    1. Wash the hair twice with the Pre-Treatment Clarifying shampoo (STEP 1), rinse and towel dry
    2. Blow-dry the hair straight on a medium heat until completely dry. Comb the hair thoroughly. 
    3. Part the hair into manageable sections using hair clips.
    4. Shake the product well before use, wear gloves and use in a well- ventilated room
    5. Brush the Orasey Keratin treatment (STEP 2) onto small sections of hair (avoiding the scalp) and comb out the excess. Continue until all the hair has been treated. Please not that using excess product does NOT result in straighter hair, it just creates unpleasant smoke and fumes.
    6. After 20 Minutes, blow-dry the hair (away from the face) on a medium heat until completely dry. Note: Do not wash your hair- the product must be left on hair for 3 days / 72 hours.
    7. Iron the hair 5-10 times using hair straightening irons set at 185˚C (fine hair), 200˚C (medium hair) or 220˚C (coarse hair). Take care not to damage the hair with excess heat or repetitions.
    8. Do not wash, tie up or style the hair for 3 days. If hair gets wet or kinked, re-straighten with hot hair irons.
    9. After 3 days, wash the hair with Salt-free shampoo (STEP 3)

    Made with love for hair with natural ingredients

    Virgin Argan oil in Orasey keratin diamond Marigold oil extract for supports hair growth in hair cosmetic Orasey keratin Diamond Apricot oil in Orasey keratin Diamond - hair is easy to style
    Virgin argan oil
    Hydrates and regenerates skin and hair, creates a film as protection against sunlight and toxins
    Marigold extract
    It supports hair growth, removes dandruff from the skin, strengthens it. Moisturizing and soothing effects
    Apricot oil
    It contains omega-9 fatty acid and an excellent emollient, which makes the hair softer and more supple.
    Keratin diamond Orasey with Chinese teaplant extract for Hair UV protection and antibacterial effects Orasey diamond keratin with Virgin hammam extract - an antioxidant, degreases the skin result of diamond powder in hair cosmetic Orasey - Hair is regenerates, shinier, finer
    Chinese tea tree extract
    Contains a high amount of antioxidants that support hair growth, UV protection, antibacterial effects, prevents hair splitting
    Hamamel Extract
    An effective antioxidant. Degreases the skin and balances the skin's pH. Prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth
    Natural diamond powder
    It has a long-term regenerative ability. It smoothes the hair and gives it a shinier natural look.

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