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Our story began more than 11 years ago, when we became official distributors of the COCOCHOCO brand, a leader in the field of professional hair cosmetics. Our vision is to bring revolutionary hair care solutions that are not only effective, but also ethical and sustainable. Our philosophy is based on the belief that everyone deserves access to the highest quality products that improve not only the appearance, but also the health of the hair.

We are committed to providing products that are safe, innovative and respect the needs of our customers and the planet. Our deep understanding and many years of experience with COCOCHOCO enable us to provide not only products, but also valuable advice and support to our customers.

Our promise is simple: we are committed to bringing you products that are the result of the latest scientific discoveries and innovations in hair care, while always ensuring that our products are ethically produced and environmentally friendly. We believe that our brand represents not only quality and luxury, but also a commitment to a better future for our hair and our world.


Our company is not only the official distributor of the COCOCHOCO brand, but also the central warehouse of COCOCHOCO Professional. With our main warehouse located directly in Europe, in Slovakia, we guarantee fast delivery of products throughout Europe. This strategic location allows us to provide dispatch of our products with unprecedented efficiency, ensuring that our customers are never impatiently waiting for their orders.

In addition to fast delivery, our central warehouse position allows us to ensure that every product a customer receives from us is 100% genuine. We are committed to providing authentic, safe and high-quality COCOCHOCO products, guaranteeing customers a safe purchase and confidence that they are using only the best for their hair.

Contacts to our company:
SPEKTRE, s.r.o. Address Cesta Mládeže 5813\44 , 901 01 Malacky, Slovakia
VAT. No. SK2023488676
Email:. info@cocochoco.eu


Thank you for your interest in COCOCHOCO Professional products. Please complete the form below or email us info@cocochoco.eu and we will contact you back in a short time. Within 24 hours at the latest

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