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What Is Brazilian Keratin

What is Brazilian Keratin
Keratin is a building protein of skin derivatives that accounts for 88% of the hair structure and is responsible for their quality, growth, strength, softness, gloss and overall appearance.

Formaldehyde-free Brazilian keratin is a purely natural product treating, shaping and regenerating hair structure. Results are apparent immediately after first use and last for at least 3-4 months.
The hair is refreshed, gets a closed surface, and is protected from UV, wind, frost, seawater and chlorine. Brazilian keratin is suitable for fine, damaged, curly, elongated, hard, rigid and coarse hair. Due to its properties it is also suitable for chemically treated or dyed hair.

Benefits of Brazilian keratin:
It restores natural elasticity
There is no protein denaturation
It nourishes the hair structure
Protects and regenerates hair
It is suitable for all hair tips
Immediate and long-term effect
Increases hair resistance
Softens, softens and straightens hair

EFFICIENCY guaranteed long-lasting hair restoration and rejuvenation
FINE FORMULA WITHOUT EXCEPTIONAL EFFECTS: tested and perfect combination of natural ingredients, including cocoa extract

VISIBLE RESULTS in a short time after the onset of the treatment. Highly concentrated formula ingredients provide complete hair rejuvenation within one and a half hours. These products naturally contain a protein that restructures and regenerates hair, along with the natural substances used to activate this protein; including cocoa extract. This process allows each hair with ease to absorb the healing ingredients over its entire length and uniform hair structure. The high temperature of the hair iron helps the active ingredients to act inside the hair.

THE EXPRESSION SYSTEM of this brand is undoubtedly the most effective among all rejuvenating products over the last decade. It is the result of innovative technology built on years of thorough and in-depth development. A wide range of branded products contains this miraculous protein. Among them are shampoos, face creams, serums and lotions. After achieving great results with the rejuvenating system of this brand, it is recommended that you care for your hair by regularly using other brand products to achieve the required hair level.
An advanced formula that turns your tired hair into flat, smooth and shiny hair.
The main component of keratin is usually the basis for healthy skin, nails and hair. The keratin extract again brings your hair a natural, healthy appearance.
Application Of Brazilian Keratin
Before the use of keratin alone, it is necessary to wash the hair with a cleansing shampoo, rinse thoroughly and then dry it. When your hair is perfectly dry, make sure it is properly combed. Carefully shake the product and put on protective gloves. Apply approximately one centimeter of crowns (do not apply to the scalp), and then quench the hair to make the preparation evenly.
After ten minutes, dry your hair and dry your hair with a ceramic iron at 230 ° C. For the optimal result, repeat the equalization five times. Do not wash your hair for three days and after a third day use a sulphate shampoo and conditioner.

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