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Silver Touch Anti-Yellow Magic Mousse 150ml

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Silver Touch Anti-Yellow Magic Mousse

Discover the secret of our Anti-yellow mousse, masterfully created to restore the freshness and cool tones of your blonde, gray or lightened hair. This foam is specially formulated to neutralize unwanted yellow and copper tones, restoring freshness and brightness to your hair without any unnatural tinge.

Our revolutionary mousse is infused with nourishing plant extracts that pamper the scalp while hydrating and restoring hair after coloring or chemical treatments. After use, your hair will not only be fresh and without unwanted shades, but also strengthened, soft and naturally shiny.

This product is proud of the fact that it contains no parabens, alcohol, sulfates, silicones and is also 100% vegan friendly.

The use:

The anti-yellow mousse is easy to apply to damp hair and its light texture ensures easy spreading without weighing down or leaving a residue. After a short period of action of 3-5 minutes, followed by rinsing and drying the hair with a hair dryer, you can look forward to wonderful results - hair with perfectly balanced tones that shine with purity and elegance.

By regularly using our Anti-yellow mousse, your hairstyle will keep its color constant and flawless, while you will be able to confidently show off your perfect look that reflects your uniqueness and style.

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